Whole Wheat Sourdough

I made bread this past weekend using mostly whole wheat flour and, unlike my prior attempts with whole wheat, I was able to produce something I was proud of. The other attempts were edible, but very heavy. This latest boule is light and fluffy and also has a better crust than even when I bake with while flour. I used the recipe from my last post with just a little more water.

Whole Wheat Sourdough recipe



  1. mix flour, water, salt, and starter roughly in a bowl
  2. dump it on the counter
  3. knead (should be sticky) until dough can be stretched to translucent
  4. place in a bowl and put it in the fridge for 12 hours
  5. divide dough ball into two halves
  6. shape halves into round balls (fold to form round shape, then drag on counter to tighten skin)
  7. place halves in a flour dusted proving basket or bowl lined with a linen cloth for about 8 hours at room temperature
  8. bake at 450 F on a stone for 40 minutes (cover the boule with a Pyrex bowl for the first 15 minutes)

What I did differently this time and what I will change next time

The failed attempts with whole wheat didn’t work well, in part I believe, because the dough was too dry. The whole wheat flour absorbs a lot of water and is hard to keep wet. This time I used a stone in the oven and covered the boule for the first 15 minutes. The stone and covering improve the crust.

Next time I will try 600 g water and also will cover better for the first rise in the fridge. When I took the dough out this time it was a little dry on top. I think covering with a tight fitting lid or plastic will be better than the towel that I used. Another thing I will do differently will be to do the second rise with a real proving basket or just a cloth lined glass bowl. A flour dusted cloth lined bowl has work well for me in the past and for some reason I tried this time without the cloth and the dough was stuck to the bowl so my nicely formed boules were damaged.

Happy baking!

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